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    Skill attractions!

  • About us

    ACTIVEPARK is offsite amusement park

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    From fun till skills

    Activepark is a theme park. Our attractions will challenge everyone to learn something new. Participating in Activepark attractions will not only entertain but also develop new skills. The attractions are designed so that everyone can discover new abilities. We each, in fact, are capable of much more than we think, only needing to discover these abilities.

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    From equipment till fun

    We Activepark work by the principle: You order and we deliver. We have both spectacular attractions and professional staff. Your event needs an attraction from our range? We will deliver and install it also take care of fun and customer safety full event length.

  • Contacts

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    Janis Lacis


    Phone: +371 25996382

    E-mail: janis.activepark@gmail.com

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    Agris Kubulins

    Project manager

    Phone: +371 20225781

    E-mail: agris.activepark@gmail.com

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